Programme of learning will consist of four interlocking subject areas:

Teamwork challenges - Working together, positive communication, co-operation, strategy, critical reflection, resilience, effort, contribution, school wide PB4L values.

• Sport
Game appreciation (rules and etiquette), Skill development (executing game specific skills), Tactics (attack, defense, space, setplays), Teamwork (how to build a successful team).

• Motor Skills
Coordination, muscle control, technique & biomechanics, accuracy, principles of practice, fine and gross motor skills, mastery of movement patterns.

• Personal Fitness
Benefits of physical activity, basic physiology, safe movement, exercise prescription, muscle groups, regular exercise.

Graduate students will:

• Make positive decisions regarding their health and lifestyle choices.

• Recognise the importance of regular physical activity and the benefits of exercise and apply this.

• Improve their motor skill abilities and sporting performance.

• Increase participation and contribute in a team setting.

• Manage their feelings and emotions.

• Demonstrate positive behaviours for learning.