"My Ilminster journey this year has been Simply the Best for me. I've made new friends, have learnt to play the drums and am now in a band. I'm involved in sports like netball and soccer and I also love to sing and dance. I love our uniform as I think we all look goof. There are so many opportunities in the Centres, next year I am going to stay in Expressive."

Maria Atsalis

Year 7

" My experience at Ilminster has been a success. I have had the chance to be in lots of different sports teams, like soccer, touch, basketball, swimming and the cross country team. You also get to choose your own Centre, there is Challenge, Scitech, Expressive and Xcel. I chose Challenge because Challenge focuses on Sport, PE and Hauora which are my passion. Our staff and students at Ilminster are awesome because they are always kind and helpful."

Te Kani Wirepa-Hei

Student Leader

"Ilminster hasn't just been my school, but my home. For the past two years I have been welcomed and shown how to be Simply the Best Ilminster student. At the start of my journey I was very nervous but now I can walk out being proud of my time here. I have loved Ilminster for all it's opportunities, I have been able to be a part of The Green Team, theatre sports and drama extension. Also I have been given opportunities to go on special vents like northcross camp, sporting events, Rockquest and Bandquest. I have made so many new friends doing what I love at this school and I hope you will too."

Aohuna Soutar

Student Leader

"My ilminster journey has been such a superb experience, filled with great opportunities and memories I will never forget. I remember my first steps walking into the school gates. I was really nervous but excited and now I can't look back. It was by far my best decision ever. My last two years here have been exactly what I needed, they provided the resources for me to achieve my academic learning and extracurricular activities for me to reach my full potential. I have participated in the Taradale exchange for hockey and completed for the school title alongside others. The teachers here have a very high expectation of us, all of us to be Simply the Best. If you choose to come to Ilminster be prepared to have the best time of your life. "

Beth Lexmond

Student Leader