Ilminster Intermediate



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I consider being a Principal to be an extremely privileged position and one
that allows you to impact greatly not only on the lives of those students
immediately in your care but also on their families and whanau.
How often do you as a parent take the time to reflect on your schooling?
The number of Parents who tell me some of the best times in their lives
were their Intermediate years, just confirms for me the important role we
have to play.
The 'middle years' are a time that really set the foundation for not only
future learning and success, but also life.
As Clarence Beeby wrote in the 1940s intermediate schooling is a time
deliberately put aside to develop citizenship. It was his aspiration that
these "middle years" would be a time to provide every New Zealand student
with the opportunity to experience success; academically, in sport,
socially and culturally. What we do so well is to provide our young people
leadership opportunities and the chance to explore a personal interest or
develop a brand new talent. The holistic nature of middle schooling is far
greater than the sum of its parts; and is much greater than merely
Literacy and Numeracy.
Intermediates were developed to put aside significant time in each young
citizen's life to be able to develop the skills and dispositions of what
it meant to be a citizen of New Zealand.
Over the past 14 years the Board of Trustees and staff have strived to
ensure that every child attending Ilminster has the opportunity to build
on their strengths. The Learning Centres have proven to be an outstanding
success, one that has been acknowledged by the Education Review Office
2008 ' students receive an outstanding quality of education in an
environment where they are able to utilise their strengths as learners to
The Board have maintained their commitment to ensure that the
school is exceptionally well resourced whilst not charging students any
fees at all, even those students selected to represent the school on
sporting, cultural or interschool exchanges do not have to pay anything
for the trip. Parents applaud the fact that they don't have to constantly
dip into their pockets, for two years they get a reprieve.
Ilminster is an outstanding educational facility. Our aim is to keep it
"Simply the Best!"


Peter Ferris