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Message from the principal
Two questions I am often asked by students, parents, staff and community:
1. What is so great about being a principal?
2. Is being a principal challenging?
My answer: "I have the best job in the world!’
In reality - it is the only job I have had for the past 34 years, and 22 years of that
has been at Ilminster.
Being a principal is rewarding and having a board and sta , who want to make a
di erence to students’ lives and learning - puts the icing on the cake! Most of our
parents are supportive, available when they can and contribute to the culture of
our school the best way they can, and their children – our students, by and large
are a bunch of engaging, talented and con dent young people. There is no doubt that working with emerging adolescents can present a number of challenges, but if the environment is right and the focus is on relationships
and raising student achievemen, and ensuring every student has the opportunity to experience success in a range of areas, then the majority of challenges are minimal and manageable.
Growing up is a fact of life and with it comes some dramatic but normal changes. At this age teachers,
parents and caregivers can expect that at some stage your children…

• Will feel happy or sad: on top of the world or down in the dumps
• Will sometimes think like an adult but lack the experience and judgement to ‘act’ like one
• Will enjoy the social aspects of learning
• Will be strongly in uenced by friends
• Will ‘love or ‘hate’ something or someone
• Will begin to take more or less interest in their appearance
• May spend hours in the bathroom or avoid it
• May be easily o ended or in uenced by peer pressure
• May change their social circles
• Will still be devoted to their family
• Will still need a safe environment in which to grow and change
• Will want more independence – two year old’s say "NO!” – Pre-adolescents say "SO?”

Intermediate marks the beginning of that process of change - because we are ‘growing young, adults’. So of course – they won’t be the child they were as a Year 5 or 6. But they will still need a hug and a shoulder to cry
or lean on.
2016 has been an outstanding year, and all the indicators point to 2017 being even better. The BOT have provided every classroom with a break out area and an extra 30 % space, chilled water  lters to promote the
health and wellbeing of every student and every school based activity continues to be fully funded.
Ilminster board and sta continue to re ect on practice and approaches and some of these changes will
be implemented in 2017. Healthy, happy students, sta developing and delivering to their strengths, more strongly de ned Literacy, Numeracy Health, Physical Education and Science programmes and a reviewed and  ne-tuned and targeted strength based centre approach time across the school.
Join us in 2017 and embrace, support and enjoy the changes.




Peter Ferris