The purpose of Positive Behaviour for Learning at Ilminster Intermediate is to:

Enable our students and teachers to focus on quality teaching and learning by providing a consistent, safe and positive environment.

At the beginning of every year, all students are explicitly taught the school values and appropriate behaviour expectations.

These remain highly visible and are reinforced school wide throughout the year:

• As an integral part of our school curriculum.

• Through displays around the school.

• Through role modelling by all staff.

• As a focus at assemblies and school events.

We know that:

• Students are not born with bad behaviours.

• Students do not learn better ways of behaving when given only negative consequences.

• To learn better ways of behaving, students must be given specific, positive feedback and opportunities to practise in a variety of settings.

• Consistency is the key to dealing with student behaviour whilst recognising individual student needs.
This includes consistency in teacher understanding and the language being used.

Positive Incentives

We want to establish a positive school culture where by doing what’s right receives more attention than doing what’s wrong.

Students receive rewards and incentives for demonstrating the school wide expectations consistently in all settings.


Whare Tapa Wha embodies our approach to Wellbeing at Ilminster. The interwoven dimensions of the Whare provide our students with a holistic view of wellness. A student who is healthy and well is a student who is ready to learn, grow, connect, engage, relate, manage, excel, contribute and thrive.

• Taha whānau - the people we care about, who recharge us and make us feel we belong.

• Taha wairua - taking notice and appreciating the beauty around us.

• Taha tinana - how our body feels and how we care for it.

• Taha hinengaro - our mind, heart, conscience, thoughts and feelings.

• Taha Whenua - our connection to the land. Whenua is a place of belonging and it’s comforting that it is never too far away

Pause, Breathe, Smile

Pause, Breathe, Smile is a mind health programme designed to equip children with tools to manage the ups and downs of life and set them up for a healthy future. All of our staff are trained in the delivery of the programme which is aligned with the New Zealand curriculum.


All students participate in Headspace training weekly through the PE programme. Headspace is a programme that specializes in meditation and mindfulness. Through guided meditation, our young people are introduced to tools that can help them to manage their feelings, stress less, focus more and even sleep better. Our goal is that our students will be able to use these tools for life

Navigating the Journey

Navigating the Journey is a comprehensive, age appropriate programme which explores health related concepts such as identity, self-worth, relationships, gender, sexuality, stereotypes and body image. Learning opportunities are explored within five themes:

• Establishing a positive learning environment: Te whakarite i tētahi ao ako huapai

• Who am I? Ko wai au?

• Relationships: Ngā whanaungatanga

• Growing and changing: Te tipu me te huri o te tangata

• Staying safe: Te noho haumaru