What Simply the Best learning looks like at Ilminster Intermediate School.

The success of Ilminster Intermediate is hugely influenced by the relationships our students have with staff and the variety of learning environments, structures and systems that welcome and support quality teaching and learning.
At Ilminster Intermediate all of our classes are single teacher learning environments although within Centres’ classes often work collaboratively.
All classes are composite classes.

Ilminster Intermediate is divided into five Centres: Challenge, Expressive, SciTech, Xcel and Connections.

Each year, students choose their Centre based on their passions, strengths and interests. Their centre class is their home room and is where they spend the first part of the day and focus on their Inquiry learning every afternoon and all Friday.

The Centre teacher is their first point of contact for everything. The teaching and learning in these centres is Inquiry based and through

the lens of the Centre; the Arts, PE, Science and Technology and in Xcel a mix of all four.

Every student attends the Connections Centre for Food, Art, Science and Music.