1. (noun) knowledge, wisdom, understanding, skill

In Matauranga, students are grouped according to their similar learning needs and strengths. Matauranga classes go to Literacy, Numeracy, PE, Drama and Connections together. The Matauranga timetable runs Monday to Thursday 9am-12.30 pm. Each block is 90 minutes long and our aim is to keep class sizes to 21- 22 students. Teams of teachers take responsibility for teaching one curriculum area across the school. Your child will be taught by teachers who know and love their subject.Graduate students of Ilminster have reflected that the middle school timetable is a way of preparing them for different subject teachers at high school.

Learning Support supports students across the school with their learning. Experienced teachers and teacher aides work in our learning support space where students are given extra support with reading, writing and mathematics

An example of Matauranga

Evie is in Matauranga 8 and she is also in Room 4 in the Discovery Centre.

Evie has three core teachers - Her Centre teacher, her Literacy teacher and her Numeracy teacher. Her Centre teacher is the first teacher responsible for Evie. The Centre class is the class she goes to first thing in the morning for panui and attendance and every afternoon and all day on Friday.

All three teachers share important information about Evie socially as well as her learning strengths and needs.

Each Matauranga has Connections (Food, Music, Art, Science) class every three weeks. During this week their timetable looks a little different as Food/Art/Music or Science takes four blocks.