Anyone can learn, create and play music at Ilminster. Explore your inner musician by experimenting with different instruments, listening to new musical genres or dive into the vast world of audio engineering.

Surprise yourself and find or develop that talent!

Visual Art

Explore art elements and design principles using a variety of art media. Learn to develop and communicate your ideas and creativity through visual art. You’ll
enjoy making artistic connections with the world in which you live by exploring visual art techniques and different cultures and individual artists.

Express yourself!


Science is a way of exploring and learning about the world around us, and at Ilminster this is no exception. Open up your mind to the vast possibilities, concepts, and experiences science offers. Make observations, form hypotheses, collect data, experiment and reflect on your findings.

Let your curiosity run wild!


Discover and develop your talents, potential and acting skills. Experience an audition and find out what it is like to perform in front of your peers. Learn to accept constructive criticism and improve performance as a result.

Have a go - be committed - and GROW!

Food and Nutrition

Thrive in the 21st century and learn to make connections with others by sitting down to share a tasty meal you’ve prepared and cooked. Develop your knowledge of basic food hygiene and apply, andlearn more about, what’s good for you nutritionally. Be creative with food presentation and look at the possible options for a future career. Resurrect those table manners - and have fun!

It’s all here at Ilminster.