“The Arts connects, inspires, transforms and transfers”

The Arts encompass a host of disciplines and are a great outlet for expression. If you have an interest and or talent in any or all of the disciplines (Music, Art, Dance, Drama), and have a passion for performance, then Expressive is a great place to start.

Graduate Students will:

• Know and understand that we can communicate thoughts and ideas in different ways.

• Share and nurture our creative talent.

• Develop understandings that in life there is never a time when communication skills don’t matter.

Music will:

Inspire your creativity and confidence and lead you to compose and perform.

Art will:

Open up different ways of working, living and thinking.

Dance will:

Develop and add depth to your understanding of other cultures and give you opportunities to read and interpret body language.

Drama will:

Give you an opportunity to be someone else and learn from that experience.